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We occasionally have adults or puppies available for our guardian program. Please email us if you are interested in possibly becoming a guardian family for one of our future pups.  

The guardian home is a program many reputable breeders of quality puppies are implementing. It allows dogs to live as pampered pets along with having a breeding career, and it eliminates the need for an adult dog to be rehomed after her breeding career is finished.   


If you are approved as a guardian family, you'll receive a female puppy free to raise, train and care for as your own, but we will retain legal ownership. She will live with you except to return to Cedar Hill for breeding, or to raise puppies. You pay for expenses related to daily upkeep (food, toys, routine vet care, etc) as you would with any dog. We pay for genetic health testing and vet visits that are related to breeding and whelping. We also pay you a fee whenever the dog has puppies, which helps cover your routine expenses. After raising three litters, your dog will be retired from our breeding program, and we will transfer complete ownership over to you.     

Being a guardian family means your dog will need to travel back and forth to Cedar Hill for breeding and for raising puppies. Because of this, we prefer that our guardian homes are within a 150 mile radius. If you live outside of this area, but don't mind traveling the extra distance, please contact us for special consideration.   

If you are interested in learning more about being a guardian home, please email us by clicking this link or by using the 'contact us' web page:  

Radius map for Cedar Hill Labradoodles in Illiois
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