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We place great importance on the physical and mental health of our dogs and have selected our parent dogs based on their genetic health as well as their gentle temperaments. Our adult dogs are PennHip certified to have above average hips scores, and additional health testing is completed to help reduce the chance of puppies having any health issues.

From the moment of birth, our doodle puppies are raised in a warm, loving and caring environment. They receive all the love, care and socialization that's necessary for them to arrive in your home healthy and happy, and ready to adapt to their new life with your family. We offer a live streaming "puppy cam" so you can watch your puppy daily from birth through all the stages of development until he or she is old enough to join your family!

Here are some of the things we do to ensure your puppy gets the best start on life:

About 10 days before the due date of the puppies, the mother moves into our maternity ward/nursery. Here she has a private room where she can relax until her puppies are born. We use cameras to monitor the expectant mother and newborn litters if we are away running errands. We supervise the birth of all puppies and feel this gives the puppies the healthiest start on life. Some of the things we do at birth are:

  •    clamp umbilical cord to prevent excess bleeding     

  •    cut umbilical cord to the proper length & disinfect     

  •    drain fluid from puppy's nose & mouth if necessary to clear puppy's airway     

  •    make sure puppy is breathing well on his own     

  •    record time of birth     

  •    record puppy's weight so that we can weigh him in the following days to be sure he is gaining properly   

  •    put a soft, flexible neckband on the puppy as a way to identify him from the others     

  •    help puppy get started with first time nursing, making sure he's strong enough to nurse     

  •    keep puppies warm - newborns can't produce their own body heat and need room temps around 85 degrees

From day 3 to day 16 we use Early Neurological Stimulation in addition to regular socializing. We also use the "Rules of Seven" which claim that by the time a puppy is seven weeks old he/she should have:
1. Been on 7 different surfaces
2. Played with 7 different types of objects
3. Been in 7 different locations
4. Been exposed to 7 physical challenges
5. Eaten from 7 different containers
6. Eaten in 7 different locations
7. Met and played with 7 new people 

Our puppies are friendly, happy and outgoing individuals. We attribute this to our daily handling of the puppies from birth through the day they join their new families. Our puppies receive a lot of attention on a daily basis. Play time, snuggle time and providing health care all increase the puppy's socialization skills. Our indoor play room and outdoor puppy yard give the puppies opportunities to experience, learn and build self-confidence through play. The playroom is designed specifically with a wide variety of obstacles, surfaces and toys. Puppies learn how to climb stairs, sway on a swing, and to not be afraid of heights. Families are able to watch the puppies play daily in the play room with our live streaming puppy cam.

Your puppy will receive all the necessary immunizations recommended for his age, until he arrives in your home. We provide you with written information on the types and dates of vaccinations given, which your vet  will want to know. Your puppy will need additional vaccinations as he grows, and you should schedule these with your veterinarian or your puppy will not gain immunity from deadly diseases. 

Our puppies are placed on a regular de-worming schedule as recommended  by our vet. We'll provide you with written information about the types of de-wormers given to your puppy and the dates. Your vet will use this information to set up a schedule to keep your puppy parasite-free. Our adult dogs are on year round heartworm preventative, and we recommend you start your puppy on a similar program  when he reaches the age your vet recommends. 


Because of our extensive health testing and medical care, your puppy will arrive in your home as healthy and genetically sound as possible. We are so confident about the health of our puppies that we back them with a written three year health guarantee - something very few breeders are willing to offer.  We feel our health guarantee is one of the best available. It will reimburse you up to the cost of your puppy  (or, if you prefer, provide you with another puppy of equal value)  should an unlikely genetic health problem occur.   If you are in the " puppy shopping stage", we are happy to provide you with a copy of our three year health guarantee. You should request a copy of the health  guarantee from all breeders you are considering, and read each carefully. Some breeders have guarantees that require you to return your puppy in order to collect - they know people won't give up their puppy so they'll never have to pay out on a health guarantee. There can be a lot of differences in these guarantees, so compare them carefully.  Email us for a copy of our current health guarantee.  

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